Group 86 are a pick ‘n’ mix of new and experienced helpers, young and mature who have come together to create something special in Bury St Edmunds. We are a motivated, driven team that work tirelessly to raise the funds we need to give our children a holiday of a lifetime. The team work hard to raise the funds we need for our trip – from quiz nights to pamper events, raffles to discos. We have many talents that make us special, BSL signers, French speakers, party planners and pamper queens. We believe we have the mix of personalities and talents that can contribute to the spirit and shared goal of the HCPT. We are impassioned by the causes we work with and this passion certainly drives the level of commitment and underpins the willingness to go the extra mile.

Our recipe to success:

Start with one heaped tablespoon of purpose .

Add a large dollop of passionate helpers. The best varieties display a strong sense of energy and enthusiasm and attract other superstars. Continue to add passion until any lumps disappears – building relationships and rapport will help with this. Add some wonderful handpicked children, stir in some great ideas and initiative. Sweeten with a buckets full of fun and put in a blender – et voila – a superstar team.

“For, if we have received the love which restores meaning to all our lives how can we fail to share that love with others?”

Do you want to be part of it? Do you know someone that would benefit from this holiday? We would love to hear from you.