Group 44 has been taking children to Lourdes on this special Easter trip since the 1970s. The Group has built up over these years a core of experienced helpers who dedicate themselves to making sure every child is valued and has a fantastic experience in Lourdes.

Our group has a wonderful family ethos. Each of the helpers ensures that the children we take feel secure and cared for. We can only achieve this by our thorough preparation and liaison with the families so that we know each and every child before the trip.  We understand how difficult it can be for families to allow their precious children to come on holiday with us and we work hard to gain their trust.

We are all volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and we feel privileged to journey with the children on such a fabulous holiday.

Every year Group 44 go to Lourdes with around 10 children. Our children’s Easter trip is an action packed week filled with fun and laughter – and can also provide a well earned week of respite for carers back home!