We are the mighty 215,
And we are based in Leicester,
We are the only group from here,
Because you can’t get any better!

Our group nurse comes from Nottingham,
We have a helper who lives in Brum,
But they choose to come with 215,
Because we have so much fun!

Throughout the year we fundraise hard,
To give the children a fantastic time; Car-booting, fun days, sponsored events
…And so much more that won’t fit in this rhyme!

Every year we come to Lourdes,
There are no ifs, buts or maybes!
We overcome financial worries and helper pregnancies
By helping each other and bringing the babies!

It isn’t just teamwork, laughter and dedication
That makes our Lourdes week run so smoothly and happily,
But the fact that we are not just “a group”
But that we are one big (215) family!