Our group’s colours are purple and gold, which helps us identify each other in the crowds! We take between 8 and 12 children with various disabilities, along with our Group Leader, Nurse and helpers. In the past we have taken children from Mill Water School in Honiton, St Mary’s Axminster, Sidmouth, Ottery St Mary and Ellen Tinkham School in Exeter. This is a holiday of a lifetime for them and a chance for respite for their families or carers. Many of the children have never been away from home before, so the experience begins from the moment they meet to get on the coach. On our way to Lourdes we ensure our children have bonded with each other and their helpers to make our Group 141 family. Our days in Lourdes are packed full and there is always plenty of singing and music. Our week is filled with laughter, love, tears of happiness and we witness miracles every day! We return home with wonderful memories to treasure for a lifetime. Our group fundraises all year round so that the children’s families do not have to finance the trips, as in many cases they would be unable to go to Lourdes.