Group 720 is the Regional Support Group dedicated to helping HCPT Easter groups from the Armed Services (Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force). We are a mix of young and fit first timers from all three services (who may not yet be ready for the responsibilities involved in one-to-one care of children), plus some new helpers from local…


Group 721 is a Regional Service Group, providing support to the children and helpers in Easter HCPT family groups across London, the South East, and further afield. Helpers from Group 721 come from all over the UK and share a passion for ensuring every child has the most memorable and fantastic pilgrimage to Lourdes possible.


We have been travelling to Lourdes with HCPT for many years. We take young people from the Speke area of Liverpool to work alongside other young HCPT helpers. We are connected to Speke Catholic Youth Service. We wear sunflower and purple in Lourdes.


Our group comprises students from St Benedict’s School in Ealing. Students support local HCPT family groups. Normally two or three students attach to each local group throughout Easter week in Lourdes. We also support centrally when needed. During the week we have some time for private pilgrimages.