Welcome to the HCPT Educational Resources Website!

These resources have been created by a team of teachers, all of whom have many years’ experience as volunteers on HCPT pilgrimages to Lourdes.

The resources broadly support the distinct syllabus requirements that exist across Great Britain ie either in England and Wales, or Scotland. Whilst those accessing the resources will naturally gravitate towards the resources configured for their specific location, we would invite those in Scotland to explore the resources for England and Wales and vice versa, as there is a great deal of thematic commonality across the totality of the resources.

For schools in England and Wales, the focus has been on creating resources that support the teaching of pilgrimage at KS 1 & 2. Currently these have been configured in support of the “Come and See” programme, targeting modules which lend themselves to the concept of pilgrimage as a theme. They do not therefore set out to support all modules ie those which do not have a possible thematic link to the notion of pilgrimage. Later, in 2018, the scope of these resources will be extended to include KS 3 -5 and thereafter may be extended further to support other RE programmes.

For schools in Scotland the resources support the full spectrum, at primary level, of Religious Education in Roman Catholic Schools (RERC), as the prescribed curriculum is much more detailed than in England and Wales. Pilgrimage as a concept is covered in full, but the scope of the resources extends well beyond this. HCPT wishes to acknowledge the support of the Farmington Institute for Christian Studies in Oxford for its sponsorship of the Scottish element of the project.

These resources have been launched in September 2017 in line with the start of the academic year, but it is planned to continue to generate additional resources, and populate the site further accordingly. Whilst thus far this project has focussed on supporting Religious Education in Great Britain, it is hoped to engage other nations within the International Family of HCPT which will no doubt add further variety and vibrancy to the project.

This project is the result of a considerable engagement and investment by HCPT’s Educational Project Team. Whilst the resources are made available to the user at no cost, users will be asked to register on the site so that activity relating to the site and the resources it contains can be monitored. Users will also be emailed, no more than once a month (and generally less), with information about the work of HCPT and how they can get involved with it.

HCPT would welcome any feedback or suggestions to education@hcpt.org.uk.