Every year Group 81 go to Lourdes with 6-8 children.  Each Easter trip is a chance for the group of helpers and children to come together to experience a holiday with a great deal of laughter, friendship, care and meaning.

The group has a strong band of helpers from various backgrounds with the common bond of friendship and service. Whilst our trip takes place at Easter the intense weekly preparation and visits start in January so that we can be sure we all know each other as family before we start our pilgrimage together.

The group as with the rest of the region and HCPT tries to live out its spirituality through word and action and our trip to Lourdes is based on the simple values of welcome, understanding, fun and community.

Throughout our week in Lourdes we have plenty of time for exploring, singing, fancy dress, trips out, sight seeing, praying and even some rather dodgy dancing. We look forward to getting to know you!