Originally founded in 1978, and always distinctive by our unique & colourful ’99 Ice Cream Logo & Bright Blue Tops, HCPT Group 99 has firmly established itself as one of the most instantly recognisable group in the ‘HCPT Family’. The group is made up of members who have served the needs of children in the Newport (South Wales) and Western Valley areas for many years. Like many other HCPT groups our members are a mix of individuals of all ages, some who have professional medical skills and teaching skills and others who simply roll up their sleeves ‘and get stuck in’.

Every year we work tirelessly to raise sufficient funds through fundraising events and charitable donations to take between six and ten local children to Lourdes in the South of France at Easter.

No expense is incurred by the family of any child that we take and all HCPT Group 99 helpers pay their own fares.

The children we take come from all walks of life and the needs of these children can be many and varied. Those needs can be intellectual, social, emotional, behavioural or physical or a combination of all these situations.

It is open to all children regardless of ability, faith or background. Everyone is regarded as having equal worth, respect and potential regardless of any differences.

When we travel to Lourdes we are not just a group – we are a family, and as helpers we are united by the desire to make a difference to the children’s lives and enjoying the company of some often brave and remarkable children.